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My work is incuded in California Lite . Updated in Feb. 12th 2021. Tomoaki Shibata (b. 1981, Tokyo, Japan) works in a variety of media with a strong emphasis in painting. His highly expressive and visceral images reflect upon his life experiences and thoughts and destroy boundaries between high and low art. Although educated at one of Japan’s most prestigious art universities, his work is perhaps influenced more by manga and Japanese traditional and contemporary illustration filtered through his unique, emotive and guttural mode of expression. Shibata received his BFA from Musashino Art University, and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA after having received a Japanese national grant from the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2015 for emerging artists. In 2018, Shibata collaborated with artist Loren Philip to produce the exhibition YEAR ONE curated by Peter Frank at Castelli Art Space. (Witten by Ichiro Irie)